Welcome to Copper Leaf Genealogy!

Copper Leaf’s Mission Statement

Work Together

When I get involved, I work with you in your family research so you are as involved as you were when doing your own work. That means I’ll give you a plan of action and keep you updated along the way.

Reasonably Exhaustive Research

I follow the standards set by the Board for Certification of Genealogists, which means I am committed to giving you the best research I possibly can. I am always learning and consistently involved in educational opportunities so that I can bring the best of what’s out there to you, my client.


I will be prompt in answering emails and phone calls so that you’ll never wonder what is going on with your research. You will be updated frequently and I will answer any and all questions you have. When it comes to anything that requires more time or money than we agreed on, I will always stop and seek your guidance before going further. If I feel that your research question would be better answered by someone else, I will always refer you to someone better suited!


I follow the code of ethics set by the Board for Certification of Genealogists and as a member of APG, I also uphold the ethics set by the Association of Professional Genealogists. Any client who feels I did not perform as expected, can seek help from APG.

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