Amanuensis Monday Feb 11-14 1945

11 Feb 1945


Sunday 11 February 1945

Went to sunday school. Bob went to Flint. Mom + I went to the Temple + saw “Mrs Parkington” with Greer Garson“Walter Pigion.” It was pretty good. Went up to see dad for about 20 min. Mom, Dick + Betty went to see dad I took care of the kid. Took a bath + put up my hair. Listened to the radio.

12 Feb 1945

12 Feb 1945


Monday 12 February 1945

Went to school. Don’t remember what I did cause I forgot to write in my dairy until Feb. 14 1944. I worked on my job after school in 116. Working for Miss Dulong. Put up my hair and went to bed.

13 Feb 1945

13 Feb 1945

Tuesday 13 February 1945

Went to school. Worked after school. Went over town with Hines to buy valentines couldn’t find anything. Mom went to the hoppily. I stayed home + made valentines + wrote them. I made some fudge. I didn’t put enough coco in it. Mom came home + put up my hair. Warped up Miss Murtz’s box of candy for Valentines.

14 February 1945

14 February 1945

Wednesday 14 February 1945

Went to school. Heard Arthur Hill beat Saginaw High 30 to 20 something. We had our Valentine’s party in 114. We had cake, ice cream, fudge, pop, and prestals. Played games. Went to the basketball game at Central. Juniors won. Seniors lost 30 to 12. Mom went to the hospily stayed home did my soc. sci. + listened to the radio. put up my hair.

My Reponse

I love that you went to the movies with your mom. After talking to my aunt and dad, I got a much better impression of her relationship with her parents. She adored them. That made me very happy to know! And is that fudge that you got all over your journal? It looks like something chocolate.

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  1. These diary entries are all delightful!!!!

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