207 feb 19 1945

19 Feb 1945 Monday

Went to school. Played in the noon home against the 104’s. We beat them the score was 12 to 15. At eight o’clock I went to Agnes Church to a party played volleyball + other games. Had Cola Cola + donuts. I fell down + sprained my ankle. Mr. Tonkin brought me home.

208 feb 20 1945

20 Feb 1945 Tuesday

Couldn’t get up my foot hurt to much. Finally I crawled down the stairs. But mom said I couldn’t go to school. But in the afternoon I went. Had a basketball game. Juniors won 15-18. Seniors lost 22-12. Took a bus home. Got my move star, Van Johnson, Bob Walker, June Allyson, Phyllis Thaxher, + Katherine Grayson.

209 feb 21 1945

21 Feb 1945 Wednesday

Went to school. Had a sub in English. Worked after school. Got home + I had a picture of Arturo de Cordova. It pained all day. Had to walk home from school. Went to the Court with Chase + Hines. Frankie couldn’t go. Saw Higher + Higher with Frank S. Got out + it was still raining. Put up my hair.


210 feb 22 1945


22 Feb 1945 Thursday

Went to school. I’m beginning to hate Aud. Had a S. S. test probably got a E. Worked after school then went over + saw Dad. Frankie + Pat went with me. No mail today. Sent out 13 more movie star letters. Mom went to the hosipily. I listened to the radio. Dick + Betty came over for a while. Put up my hair + went to bed. Going to give Hines my Van Johnson

My Response

Sprained ankles are never fun. I know from the diary and stories she would tell me that she walked all over the place when she was this age. I’m positive that the pain was a secondary thing to the not being able to go anywhere. Even school! I do love the slight rebellion of going in the afternoon after her mom said to stay home. I also did not know that she loved Frank Sinatra either. My sister is also a huge fan and is going to love that connection. 🙂

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