*side note: Grandma seems to have just continued writing on the Feb 29 spot even though there wasn’t a February 29 in 1945. I did wonder if maybe then these entries weren’t written in 1945 but there was no Thursday for Feb 29 except in 1940, when Grandma would have been 10 and that doesn’t make sense for the things mentioned in her diaries. So I’m believing that the dates here are just what the diary is stating, and may be a day off from this point on.

27 Feb 1945

27 Feb 1945

Tuesday, 27 Feb 1945

Went to school. Martin wasn’t there today. Had a test in S. Sci. Turned my ankle again. Worked after school walked home with Bobbie B. Got a Sunday with Frankie + Bud. Danced for a while. After supper Frankie + Bud came over. Fr kissed B.S. Listened to the radio. Put up my hair. Soaked my ankle. Hope Martin is in school tomorrow. I miss him.

28 Feb 1945

28 Feb 1945


Wednesday 28 Feb 1945

Martin was in school today. Went to school. Did my test in English. Had an assembly. Took gym today. Worked after school. Walked home with Bobbie Brown. Nice day out today. Got a sunday. Went to the Court with Frankie saw “Leave it to the Irish” + Flesh + Fantastic [fantasy] with Robert Cummings, Betty Field, Barbara S. Charles Boyer, and many more. Dick + Betty was over tonite. Had some ice cream. Put up my hair.

29 Feb 1945 - really 1 Mar 1945

29 Feb 1945 – really 1 Mar 1945


Thursday 29 Feb 1945 (more likely, this is 1 Mar 1945)

Went to school. Didn’t have to work tonite. Met Don + Bobby on the way home from school. They walked with us. Bobby borrowed my bike for a while. Went over to Buds after supper. Planned our Hay Ride {Bud + Marline} {Dot + Bob H} {Gille +?} {Frankie + ?} {Bobby + ?} {Dick L. + ?} {and maybe + I hope + pray Martin Davis? Bob + Dick want to take me on the hayride + to the Concert but I want to go with M.D. 

1 Mar 1945 - more likely 2 Mar 1945

1 Mar 1945 – more likely 2 Mar 1945

Friday 1 Mar 1945 (more likely 2 Mar 1945)

Went to school. Talked to Martin about the Hay Ride + about horses. I think he may go. I hopeWorked after school. Came home put up my hair + took a bath. Went to the concert. Took tickets. Stood a hour + a half. Got mad at Frankie + Bud slapped his face because he didn’t save us a seat. Made up with Bud. Went out with Bud, Martin, Bob, Lillian, Jen, Edgar, + Bob. 

My Response

I love my grandmother’s crush. It reminds me of those lovely school crushes all teens get. I do find it funny how often her and Frankie get into fights. That also reminds me of school days. And to slap someone over not saving you a seat? Seems a bit extreme but there may be more to that conversation than she put down in her diary. They did make up awfully quickly but I wonder what happened to Frankie. I also wonder if she will go with Martin on the hay ride 🙂


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