3 Feb 1945

3 Feb 1945

Saturday 3 Feb 1945

No school. Put up my hair in the morning. Went over town with Frankie. Wore Betty’s blue suit + went to the Mansonite Temple with Frankie. Met Nick Holland over there. He asked me to dance, but I said no. He to good of a dancer for me. Frankie got mad a him + went home without even saying goodbye. Boy do I feel sorry for Dick.

Feb 4 1945

4 Feb 1945

Sunday 4 Feb 1945

Went to sunday school. Then later to the Temple with Tillie + saw William Powle + MUrlora Loy in “The Thin Man Goes Home.” Got a new love book read one story. Mom + the kids went to the hospily I stayed home alone + took a bath + put up my hair. Bettys leaving 2:00 o’clock this morning. I said Goodbye to her. Going to miss her again.


5 Feb 1945

5 Feb 1945


Monday 5 Feb 1945

Went to school. Don’t remember what I did because I’m behind in writing in my diary. Listen to Lux theatre “Laura” was on with Dana Andrews. Put up my hair + went to bed.

6 Feb 1945

6 Feb 1945

Tuesday 6 Feb 1945

Went to school. Went to vollyball after school. I hurt the tips of my fingers + so I put iodia on them + then put a banage on them. I kept it on for 2 hr. And it started burning. Then I took it off and they were realy burnt. Went to bed at 10:00 didn’t get to sleep until 2:00 in the morning. Boy did I go through torcher mom put up my hair.


My Response:

So… Iodine? I think that’s what the word means. I thought iodine had been used for cuts, not for sore fingers. Unless of course she meant she had cut them and that’s why they are sore. Nonetheless, I chuckled at the part where she was put through torture in having her mom put up her hair. I’ll bet she stayed away from iodine for a while!

I am also noticing that Grandma seems to forget some days to put in a diary entry. It makes me wonder if this was a kind of New Years resolution that she’s falling off from.

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