Amanuensis Monday: Feb 7-10 1945

164 Feb 7 1945

Wednesday 7 Feb 1945

Went to school. Mom wasn’t going to let me but did anyway. I couldn’t write, take gym or typing. I listen to the radio programs then went to bed. I have 66 points.

165 Feb 8 1945


Thursday 8 Feb 1945

Went to school. Went to volleyball. My fingers were much better. Had a test in typing didn’t do so bad. Don’t know what I’m going to do for points? Listened to “Subspence*” Was it good. Put up my hair myself + went to bed.

166 Feb 9 1945

Friday 9 Feb 1945

Went to school. Got another job. I work in room 116 in the first grade helping the teacher. Went over town + got my self a new red dress. Listen to the radio programs + went to bed.

167 Feb 10 1945


Saturday 10 Feb 1945

No school today. Put up my hair. Listened to the radio. Went to the hospility. Dad has his operation took 1 hr. Ned left today at 1:00 o’clock. Went to “town club” with Tonkin, Frankie, Pat, Sally, Sally danced with “Wilbert Farmer.” Frankie mad at me. Tonkin, Hines, Cheese, Pee Wee, + I went to MacTiery. Had a lot of fun.

My Response

If you remember from last time, Grandma had used iodine for her sore fingers from volleyball. She left it on for apparently a long time and it burned her fingers! I am assuming the points she mentioned on Wednesday had to do with her typing class because she couldn’t type in class that day. Good thing she did well on the test!

And now I have a better idea of what Grandma’s dad was doing in the hospital – awaiting an operation. He has been there since before the first of the year though and I know I don’t know what hospital wait times were like in 1945, but I have a hard time believing he had to wait for over a month to get an operation. Especially if whatever he was in there for was bad enough for blood transfusions. Maybe in later entries there will be more information. 

Fellow genealogists, I’m curious, have any of you tried to get hospital records? If so, were you successful and how did you go about it? I want to find a record of my Grandma’s dad to see why he was admitted to the hospital that he later died in (he died of something other than what he went in there for). I want to see if the family rumor is right or not.


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  1. Melissa Barker

    Hello, thought I would comment about the hospital records. Not sure where the surgery took place, I am guessing Michigan? But most hospital records, if they still exist, are confidential and not open to the public usually. Most likely they have been destroyed by now. If the hospital still exists, I would call the records department and just ask and see if the records still exist and if they are open to the public. If the hospital is not in existance, possibly check with a local historical society, genealogical society or maybe even contact the state archives in the state this hospital was located. Hopefully someone can tell you if the records exist or not and if they are open to the public.

    Hope this helps.

    Melissa Barker
    Houston County, TN. Archivist/Records Manager
    Professional Genealogist for Tennessee

    • NikiMarie

      The surgery did take place in Michigan and the hospital does not exist anymore. I will see about the state archives or maybe the historical society from that area. Thank you for the advice!

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