Yesterday was the first day I didn’t blog since starting this! A work meeting kept me away in the afternoon but the weather really was scary so I stayed away from my computer and hunkered down with my family. 🙂

For more information on my grandmother’s diary, see the page dedicated to it.

066 jan 12 1945

Jan 12 1945


Friday Jan 12 1945

Went to school. Had a test in Aud + Science. At the noon hr we played basketball. We won 21 to 4. Got some more pictures of Van Johnson. Bought 2 movie books. Went to the drug store. Mom and I went to the hosipitly to see dad. Jack went to. Took a taxi home. Mr. + Mrs. Lunnig came over for awhile. Looked through some books for pictures of Van but couldn’t find any. Tonkin called me up and wanted me to get to the show but I couldn’t.

Jan 13 1945

Jan 13 1945

Saturday Jan 13 1945

No school today. Cleaned the bedroom. Listen to the radio programs. Started fixing my scrapbook. Went over town got a white sweater, a plade one, a pair of slakes. Going to take the plade sweater back. Went out for supper. Had two hamburgers, a dish of french fries, and a multed. Got a movie book of Van Johnson today. Went to the hospility. Came home + put up my hair. Bob + Bob H. came after mom + I. Is he cute.

My Response:

Hm… I can just imagine my grandmother becoming quite giggly when Bob came over. I’m not sure who the other Bob is (maybe her younger brother?) though. Maybe she showed him the new outfit she bought. I also wonder what over town means. Downtown maybe? Probably. That is something I do desperately wish I could have seen! Saginaw’s downtown. Apparently it used to be quite a sight, especially during the holidays. The window displays would always be decorated (think A Christmas Story) and there was a lot of places to shop and visit while downtown. Now though, well go during the day if you’re going to go and you would want to make sure you know where your destination is. Not much of anything is actually open anymore. A couple things are starting to come back but mostly it’s government buildings (like the social security office) and fast food places. There still are some neat places but not like what it used to be. I wish I could have known what that was like.

And her dad is still in the hospital. She doesn’t seem overly concerned but I wonder what it was. I’m waiting on his death certificate too at the moment. I’m hoping it’ll come this week!

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