Amanuensis Monday: Jan 24-25 1945

 Jan 24 1945


Jan 24 1945 – Wednesday

Went to school. Got Mrs. Cone for Soc Sci. Frankie worked in the office with me today. Went to the basketball game at Central. Juniors beat 24 to 13. Seniors lost 20 to 22. Boy was I mad. Did supper dishes. Went to the drugstore with Frankie Met two boys. Bob and I don’t know the other one. His telephone nu. is 36885. We talked for about an hour. Came home listen to the radio wrote ten letters to movie stars. Put up my hair.

 Jan 25 1945


Jan 25 1945 – Thursday

Went to school. Got Brozard for Soc. Sci. I knew it was to good to be true. Practice the play at noon. Went off good except for Jim and Willis they spoil it all. Didn’t go to Ames Church. Came home and got more movie star addresses. Went to the Court with Frankie, saw “Pin Up Girl” with Betty Grable. Was it a darling show. Was suppose to meet Bob there but he didn’t show up. Come home and put up my hair. Going to get more movie addresses. 


My Response:

I love all the singing and dancing that older movies always seemed to have. I’m not sure who this Bob was that she met and stood her up… I don’t think it was my grandfather but he did work in a drugstore and the story is that is where they met but it was under different circumstances that I would think she’d mention. The old phone number made me smile just because it’s so different now. I wonder if she had a party line at her home too. I would bet she probably did as, if I remember correctly, that was the norm for quite some time. Especially during the war when copper was rationed. I wonder if that led to any interesting conversations!

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  1. I’ve have just begun to my write memoirs and do a little genealogy digging and I love it! Have learned so much that I did not know about my family. I love your blog and will be following you to learn as much as I can about digging for the bones if my ancestry! Thanks!

    • NikiMarie

      Thank you! Good luck to you on your journey and I hope I can help you on your way 🙂

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