I am transcribing my grandmother’s journal from when she was 15. To see more information, read the first post here. I leave all spelling as it is in the journal 🙂




Went to school today. A lot of kids found out about the party. Worked in the office got one point already. Went to the hosipily for Miss Stevenson. Saw Charlotte. Got a Sunday with Frances, Don, and Bob. Went over to Buds. Bob, Don, Dot, Lillie, Tellie, were there so was Bob and Corn. Talked for a while. Came home and put up my hair. Sorted out my love books. I’m going to read one now.



Went to school. Didn’t do much in school. Went to volleyball at Ames Church. Played volleyball there. Got socked in the face with the ball. Came home. Stoped at Buds and talked for a while. Went home. Got a box of German stuff from Gene and a wonderful letter. Went to the show and saw Kay Kaiser in Around the World + O My Darling Clemtime. Came home. Put up my hair. Warp a present. Went to sleep.




Went to school. Had a lot of fun in the office helping Mr. Case. Got out of fourth hour to help him. Six hour I got out for about 10 minutes to pass out envelops. Went to Billie Lou’s party at Tonkins. Had a wonderful time. Got a tube of lipstick as a prize. Had ice cream and cake. Wanted Mike to go to the show with Tonkin and I but couldn’t. Tonkin and I saw Charles Boyer in Together Again. Tonkins wonderful.


My Thoughts:

Isn’t she succinct? For her it seems her diary was a recording of her daily life, which I love, but I wonder if she’ll ever write about deeper things. There was the brief mention of Gene, one of her older brothers, who is in WW II at that time. I wonder what happened to those letters.

One thing I love about reading her diary is seeing places she went to that I also know. For example, we went to the same high school. So when she talks about her school, I can imagine it quite nicely (she told me once that it hadn’t changed since she went there). The church where she played volleyball was only a block or two away from my elementary school and I passed it quite a bit. I expect the volleyball to come up again – she LOVED volleyball!

Also, funny note, I never knew my grandmother to be so into movies. TV wasn’t on when we went to visit her unless it was golf or bowling that she was watching. I don’t think my grandparents went to movies much when I was younger either. Maybe she got her fill in as a teenager 🙂

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