Amanuensis Monday: Jan 6-7 1945

6 Jan 1945: Saturday


Got up at 10:30. Listen to the radio programs. Pracise my play alone. Later I called up Frankie, she came over and we pracise together. We went over to Buds. He wanted us to go over town with him but I couldn’t. So Frankie did. Listen to the radio programs. Read love books too. Went to the store. Dick and Betty came over. Couldn’t fix the record. Got a quart of ice cream. Washed my hair and put it up. Got an awful cold. Saw Bob tonight.


7 Jan 1945: Sunday

Went to Sunday School. Meant my new sunday school teacher is she wonderful. Read the funnies. Went to the court and saw “She’s For Me” and “A Guy Named Joe” with Van Johnson. Oh! I think he wonderful. He’s my favorite movie star. I love him. Came home took my bath and put up my hair. Came up the stairs and looked through my movie books for pictures of Van. found some. I’m going to get some new books of him tomorrow.


My response:

Funny… I have no idea who Bob is (although he was mentioned in my last post but without emphasis) but from the underlining, I take it he is someone my grandmother likes. This is funny to me because Bob is not my grandfather – my grandfather’s name is Bobbie (not Bob, never Bob) and I know they met later in life.

I also love her adoration of a movie star. I had many movie star crushes when I was 15 too so it’s nice to see that we weren’t all that different 🙂 Also, the Court is a a theater that I remember going to as a kid too. It wasn’t the best one in town as it only had one theater but I remember it fondly. I saw Jurassic Park there and loved that movie – plus it was cheaper than other places and only walking distance away. It still exists, although it’s changed quite a bit since the time my grandmother went there.

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  1. The older generations knew how to occupy their time and enjoy themselves without the benefit of video games, etc. I think that’s why so many of our youngsters don’t have much of an imagination any more – everything is right in front of them.

    • NikiMarie

      I agree! I spent so much time outside in my youth and it seems weird that so many kids now stay inside, glued to a screen.

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