Jan 8 1945: Monday

Went to school. In aud. we looked at some pictures of Van Johnson Oh! I think he’s wonderful. I’m going to start a scrap book of him. Went to all the drugstores and got 4 movie books + a scrapbook for Van. Got a lot of pictures from Tillie. Gave her most of my Alan Ladd. Listen to the Lux and Gild Theater. Put up my hair. Went to bed + cut out some more pictures of Van Johnson


Jan 9 1945: Tuesday

Got 3 points in the office. Went to school. Got a lot of pictures of Van Johnson from Tonkin also a sweet letter. Got a movie book. After school I went over town with Frankie then we went to volleyball. Tonkin acted strange. Got home ate supper did the dishes. Started to work on my scrap book when Tonkin came over. We went for a walk she told me something that I cannot tell anybody. She’s swell. Did my scrap book. Wrote a letter to Van Johnson.

Off in side box: Tonkin gave me my concerate ticket

My response:

I love my grandmother’s loyalty. Even in her journal she doesn’t tell what Tonkin told her. I am curious about this ticket – I think she meant concert but I’m not sure. I suppose I’ll find out as I go along! As for the aud she mentioned, I think that’s auditorium. Kind of like my high school’s version of advisory maybe? I’m not sure. On my next visit home, I’m going to see if I can find some old yearbooks to see if that would explain it. I am also curious about the points she got in the office. I’m not sure what those mean.

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