Amanuensis Monday: March 2-5 1945

This is a day off I know 🙂 Speaking of that, I’m going with the dates that Grandma used in her diary but as explained last time, I think they are now about a day behind.

2 March 1945

2 March 1945

2 March 1945: Saturday

Didn’t go to school. Put up my hair. went over to Dick L. Had a lot of fun. Bonnie, Bud, Bobbie, Dick + Johnnie, were all going to Ol’ Fellors but changed our mind + went to the Temple. Saw Tonight + Every Nite  with Lee Bowman + Rita Hayward. Sat with Dick. He paid my way. Bobbie went with Tillie. Dick brought me home + kissed me. 

3 March 1945

3 March 1945


3 March 1945: Sunday

Went to Sunday school. Called up about the hayride. Called Martin he can go. Went to the show with Bonnie, Lillian, Hines, Marlene, Bob, + Brad. Got a sunday after they show. Jack and Marge were over. Went to the store then over to Buds, Bob H was there. I don’t think I like him. Work on English. Took a bath and put up my hair. 

242 March 4 1945


4 March 1945: Monday

Went to school. Martin told Jackie that he hoped I was a good necker. Had an assembly. Worked after school. Walked home with Pat. Met Marline + Marilyn D. They Pat + I went bike riding. Got caught in the rain. Listened to Lux Alan Ladd was on Gild Theater. Fred McMurry + Barbara Stanwick. Put up my hair. I hope Martin likes me. 

5 March 1945

5 March 1945


5 March 1945: Tuesday

Went to school. Had an assembly. Worked after school. Have planned the hayride. Me + Martin, Bud + Marlene, Bob + Lillie, Eggs + Joyce, Bobby + Tillie, John + Margie, Hines + Ed. I hope. Frankie can’t go. Went to the drugstore with Frankie + got a coke. Came home listened to the radio. Put up my hair. Went to bed. 

My Response

I always knew that my grandmother had a few admirers when she was younger. It’s one reason why I always loved my grandparents story. The way it had been told to me, was that for my grandpa, she was it for him but he was a very shy kind of guy and had a hard time approaching her. But he won her heart anyway 🙂  She kind of dismissed Dick but I’m not sure what kind of kiss he had given her – a quick friendly peck, or something more? She doesn’t really mention him except in friend terms and she makes it clear she likes Martin. And I think his comment about her should make it clear that he’s interested in her too.

One thing I like about this diary is it shows Grandma as an outgoing girl and a bit of a leader – which is really how I remember her. Once she set her mind to something, she would get it done. It’s neat to see this was something that came about in her youth.

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  1. How lovely to get the sounds from the film your Grandma wrote about. . Can almost smell the hairspray when she puts up her hair !

    • NikiMarie

      I agree! I love to do that when I can because it can help give me perspective on the era that it was. 🙂

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