Amanuensis Monday: March 6-9 1945 Heartbreak

262 March 6 1945

6 March 1945 Wednesday

Went to school. Heard Martin don’t like me started to cry. Had a test in Math. Worked after school. Went to the store with Bud. Went to the show with Bud, Bobby, Tillie, + Frankie saw “Lady Corages.” with Loretta Young. Was it good. Came home put up my hair. Dick + Betty were over. Had some ice cream. I’m suppose to be on a diet.

263 March 7 1945


7 March 1945 Thursday

Went to school. Martin doesn’t act as though he likes me. I hope Eddie goes with Hines. I think he likes her. Worked after school. Went to Ames + play volleyball. Changing the hayride from 8 to 9. Bob + Bud met Martin today. Bob likes him. Went over to Marlene house + over to Martin’s only he wasn’t home. Then went over to Hines + Buds. Came home + put up my hair.

264 March 8 1945


8 March 1945 Friday

Went to school. Asked Martin he said he was going. We played basketball at noon + won 7 to 10. It was a hard game. Martin sprain his ankle he said he couldn’t go. It was raining anyway. So we didn’t go on the hayride. We over to Buds + had a party. Had a pretty good time. I wish Martin would have been there. I hope Martin is better. I may go over to Marlene’s + see him too. 

265 March 9 1945

9 March 1945 Saturday

No school today. Went to the show in the afternoon at the Court + saw “Chip Off the Old Block” with Don O’Conner+ The Momeys Goust” [The Mummy’s Ghost]. Went to Town Club. At the “Hard Times Party” After I went with, Cheese, Hines, Twins, Berlger, Pee Wee, + Marlene to a ice cream store. Got a malt + hamburger. Went to Odd Fellors with Bud + Tillie. Got home at 12:00. Put up my hair. 

My Response

So it turns out that being heartbroken and diving into some ice cream isn’t a new idea at all. Who knew? Good thing she had good friends to get her out of her funk. 🙂

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  1. The lines about having some ice cream when she was supposed to be on a diet are priceless. It’s so typical of what so many of us do when we’re trying to stick to a diet.

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