Amanuensis Monday: March 8-March 13 1944

When I first looked at my grandmother’s journal, the cover says it is from 1945, so I had assumed that was it. Every week when I transcribed the entries, it was the first time I was also reading them. So the ending of 1945 and then going into 1944 was very unexpected! I then looked through the rest and found a few 1946 entries as well. With that, I’ll go through the 1944 entries and then move on to the 1946 entries. Enjoy! 🙂

293 March 8 1944

8 March 1944

8 March 1944 Wednesday

Dear Diary

Went to school. Had an assembly I was in it. Turned out terrible. Went to the Temple and saw Destination Toky with Cary Grant. Went with mom + dad. Had a egg sandwich, bottle pop. 



9 March 1944

9 March 1944

9 March 1944 Thursday

*at top: I hope and pray I get on the team. Please God.

Dear Diary,

Mrs. Newburg said I was a 100% better in volleyball + that I may be on the team  or squat. When to Stone School and sang three songs, was better than the assembly. Got a cablegram from Gene.

10 March 1944

10 March 1944


10 March 1944 Friday

*at top: Hope I get on the team

Dear Diary,

Sprain my finger. When to the Conserate to sing was better than I thought. Dad + Mom went too. After, I went over to Dick  Linstrom’s house. Then over to Bud’s. Had a bacon sandwich and went to bed.


11 March 1944

11 March 1944

11 March 1944 Saturday

*at top: I hope I get on the team

Dear Diary,

Played volleyball. Went to the library. Talked with Marshall. Got mad at him as usual. Grant came over. Went to the Court with Grant + Frances. Saw Youngest Possbesstion [Profession]. Bud walked home with us.

12 March 1944

12 March 1944


12 March 1944 Sunday

*at top: Here’s hoping I get on the team

Dear Diary,

Went to Sunday school with Grant. When to the show, saw “women in Bondage” wasn’t so good. Forgot to go to Church at 6:30 so I stayed home + played cards with Grant + Dickie. Mom put my hair up + then I went to bed.


298 march 13 1944

13 March 1944


13 March 1944 Monday

*at top: Same here

Dear Diary,

I when to school. Got a programe of the contest. everyone put their andtograph on it and so did some teachers. Had a ice cream multite [malted?]. listen to Lux Theater. Did my Social Studies. Washed + put up my hair. 


Few Comments From Me:

One thing I love about my grandmother’s journal is the glimpse at what my hometown once was like. I love that she mentions familiar places; Stone school, for example, was my elementary school. The Court Theater was a place I also went for movies when I was younger. And I love the small things she includes – like the bacon sandwich. Sometimes, the diaries just give me a small piece of my grandmother back and I”m very thankful to have her diary so I can do that. 🙂


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  1. It is so great that you have those shared memories with your grandmother. I sometimes miss those things because I didn’t grow up anywhere near my family or historical ancestral locations. But I wouldn’t give up where I grew up either. 🙂

  2. I like how you described how you like the way your grandmother’s journal provides a glimpse of your hometown. I have similar feelings about my grandmother’s diary.

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