Amanuensis Monday: May 18-20 1943

There were only a few entries for 1943 in my grandmother’s journal. They are crossed out and I believe it’s because they aren’t from her. These three entries have different writing, different scenarios (like a job) and different people mentioned than when it was my grandmother’s voice. Plus, one of these entries mentions going to a show with Mary Jane, who is my grandmother. I think these were crossed out when this person gave the journal to Mary. I’m wondering if these were from Betty, my grandmother’s older sister. 

18 May 1943

18 May 1943

Tuesday 18 May 1943

Worked until 5:30. Went to the bowling ally. Got the prize money. Jack + Margie was over. Wrote Stan a letter. 

19 May 1943

19 May 1943

Wednesday 19 May 1943

Worked hard today. No letter from Stan, but one from Gene + from Al Briggs. Went to the show with Mary Jane. 

20 May 1943

20 May 1943

Thursday 20 May 1943

Worked today. Took inventory. Maxine McPhetias called me up. She is really a terrible girl. Wrote Stan a letter but am praying that he will forgive me. 

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  1. Would be so fascinating to know who wrote these ….

    • NikiMarie

      I agree. I’ll have to see if I can find some old letter’s from Betty to compare handwriting.

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