Fearless Female: Marriage

The Fearless Female prompts were created and posted at The Accidental Genealogist

The 4th and 5th prompts are on marriage with grandparents/great-grandparents, etc., and how they met. I do have records and some pictures of my grandparents marriage, but I really want to share my favorite story of how my paternal grandparents met, as told to me by my grandfather’s sister.

011 grandma and grandpa wedding

Before my grandfather’s funeral, the officiate did a unique thing (to me anyway) where the close family all came and sat in a circle and shared stories about my grandfather. It was an awesome way to remember him and I really think he would have loved that.

My aunt, his sister, told the story of how they met. I felt it was so completely my grandfather and I loved it! This is from memory so I’m not positive I’m going to get all the details correct, but the essential parts are there.

My grandmother worked at a store and my grandfather had to stop by for a delivery. The manager (owner?) asked my grandfather if he’d help him out with a problem he had. Apparently there was a leak in the basement that caused quite a mess so he asked if my grandfather could help clean it up. He said yes of course and went downstairs to start cleaning up the mess. A little while later, my grandmother came down to see if she could help – and found my grandfather cleaning up the mess with what was available around him – disposable pads.

I can picture my grandmother nearly falling over with laughter but not wanting to embarrass my grandfather who really meant well! Everything turned out wonderfully, (obviously, since I exist) as this picture – one of my favorites of the two of them – shows:

127 G-Pa and G-Ma

Do any of you have good stories about how a couple in your family met?

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  1. So funny!! I love this. 🙂

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