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  • I posted this video from the BBC to my Facebook page. The BBC used a drone to fly around Auschwitz and take video in preparation for the 70th anniversary since Auschwitz was freed. Haunting really is the best word to describe it.
  • The Genealogy Roadshow posted their third episode that you can see online! I’ve really enjoyed this series and this past episode in Philadelphia had some great stories.


  • Have a number of Scottish relatives? The Scottish Genealogy Blog posted a very helpful article about naming patterns found in Scottish families.
  • Newspaper Map – This article describes how Newspaper Map uses Google Map to find newspapers all over the world! Could be very helpful in your searches or just fun to explore.
  • UpFront with NGS posted this lovely article that there are free records available on NARA! These are World War II Army Enlistment Records and the article describes how to search through them.
  • The British Newspaper Archive posted a great video in how you can search through their website for a person’s name. The date range varies from place/newspaper title but they have newspapers from the 1700’s up to more recent times from the 1950’s.
  • The Young and Savvy Genealogists had a very interesting article about Find a Grave as well as a wonderful policy that I think everyone can benefit from. And although I’m not “young” in their mind (anyone under 30 is considered to be young – at 32 I’m nearing ancient! ha 🙂 ) I really enjoy their blog as a whole. Also, especially for those other Doctor Who fans out there, there’s a lovely interview link to David Tennant in that article as well as his picture – which may be what drew me to the article in the first place!



  • For anyone in or near Salt Lake City, the Family History Library announced free classes for February! You can check out the list here.


Free e-book

  • When I see these, I post them on my Facebook page so others can take advantage since many are time sensitive. I checked this one though and it’s still free! DNA Testing Guide Book. I haven’t read it yet so I don’t have a review but it’s free – you can’t go wrong!

Happy Friday!

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    Yeah! It’s Friday which means you will have my favorite blog post of the week! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the links!

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