Friday’s Faces from the Past: Family


This was the 70’s I’d bet. The man sitting is my great-grandpa, Frederick Langeneck (don’t you love his mustache???). Then the back row from L to R is my dad (The tie dad… the tie… – when I commented on this to my mom she got very defensive. Apparently she bought that for my dad and loved it), my Uncle Fritz (my grandpa’s brother), my grandpa, and my Uncle John (another brother). So that is my mom’s dad, her uncles, her grandpa, and her husband. Can you tell that besides my dad, all those men are related? There is no doubt who their father is! I love this picture but wish I could have gotten a better scan of it!

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Amanuensis Monday: March 22-29


Amanuensis Monday: March 30-April 4 1944


  1. Great picture–The tie is so 70s!

  2. Su Leslie

    This is fabulous!!!! I Love the facial hair. My dad had a moustache around about the same time and I can’t find any photos of him with it. I suspect a little censorship on his part. Thanks for following ZimmerBitch BTW; much appreciated.

    • NikiMarie

      No problem! You know, I thought I had followed your blog a while ago and wondered why it didn’t come up on my feed. My mistake!

      • Su Leslie

        No prob; I have two blogs and it gets a bit crazy sometimes.

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