I hope everyone is enjoying their June! We’ve had some humid/warm starts so far but I actually like this weather! It beats shoveling snow anyway 🙂 Winter always make me wonder why my ancestors didn’t go further south!

Here are my finds for the week!

(Love this picture of Lake Superior! I am a Michigan girl through and through! And I mean the state, not the sports team 🙂 )

By Yinan Chen (www.goodfreephotos.com (gallery, image)) [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons

By Yinan Chen (www.goodfreephotos.com (gallery, image)) [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons

If I may give myself a shout out (it is my blog, so I will), I was recently interviewed by GeneaBloggers “May I Introduce to You…” series. Check out the interview here!


  • This is VERY important – the Massachusetts Norfolk Registry of Deeds is currently in favor of removing original records from the registry! Check out The New England House Historian’s blog with more information and let your voices be heard!
  • I had a friend recently tell me she had some old Civil War newspapers and she thought about laminating them. I think I may have scared her a bit by my vehement NO but then went on to explain. For those who are also preserving family heirlooms or items you may have found, read this UpFront with NGS article about the best way to preserve your items!
  • Such an amazing find! If only I knew what to do with negatives 🙂 Check out what this man bought from a local auction and then developed!
  • Have you looked at the online presences of libraries/archives/other institutions? You may be surprised by what is out there!
  • I’ve recently been ‘introduced’ to a blog called The Genealogy Kids. Have you heard of them? Check out their blog and videos! I love seeing younger generations take a part in their family history!
  • Educational opportunities! Check out Judy G. Russell’s blog post about GRIP online registration (ENDS TODAY!) and about SLIG
  • Two changes to BCG applications for 2016 – this will effect me as I won’t be applying until after 1 January 2016. All of those who are in the same boat should check out the two new changes on BCG’s blog here.
  • Finding her mother’s manuscript for a memoir led these two authors, Linda White and Marietta Stevens Crichlow, on a family journey! Check out the article here! What a great find to inspire a wish to know more!
  • Ever wonder what a professional genealogist does? Crista Cowan, who works for Ancestry.com, was interviewed about there here. Check it out!
  • Juneteenth 150th Anniversary: Major Genealogy Announcement by FamilySearch” – by Geneabloggers
  • How many have seen this famous picture of men sitting on a New York skyscraper eating their meals? Here is part of the story behind that photograph!
  • Need extra income? Consider becoming a courthouse researcher.” – from the Christian Science Monitor – awesome!
  • Okay, this is just cool. Spend a night in Ellis Island?! Check out the EOGN article about entering this contest! How cool!



  • Have you checked out the Irish Famine Archive? This database deals with the Irish migration to Canada in 1847-1848. Check it out!
  • Virginia Vital Records NOW Online – Partnership Between VDH & Ancestry” – from Upfront with NGS
  • “Archives digitises World War I vault” – from the National Archives of Australia! Check out the EOGN post here and a news article here.
  • “HistoryGeo.com Adds Landowner Data” from EOGN – I haven’t used HistoryGeo.com myself but this looks intriguing.
  • FindMyPast Friday! New records include: Prisoners of War 1715-1945; British Newspapers; Gibraltar, St. Andrew’s Kirk Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, and Congregation Records 1840-1947; Greater London Burial Index; Surrey, Southwark, St Saviour Poor Relief 1818-1821; Hue & Cry Index 1797-1810; Staffordshire, Parish Registers Browse, 1538-1900; and Kent Marriages and Banns.
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