Genealogy News April 18th-24th

Genealogy News

Last week I posted that it was a MARCH news week – March? Apparently these last few months have just flown by! And now here we are at the end of April. Here’s hoping that our last snow fall was it this past week! 🙂

I’m spending this weekend at the Indiana Genealogical Society conference! I am definitely looking forward to it and am currently at the society meeting typing this up. It’s hard to do this post ahead of time!

ALSO: Don’t forget about the book contest for Dear Mother, Love Daddy!!! Contest ends May 1st! These are two autographed copies as well! Even better!

Interesting Articles


  • I’ve loved those “…through history…” videos that show things like women’s fashion, women’s make-up, etc. Well now there’s one for men! “American Facial Hair Throughout History!” Check it out here.
  • The Board for Certification of Genealogists posted their webinars – some are free and others are available for a modest fee. Check it out!


  • New records on FindMyPast! Derbyshire and Persi! Check it out here – also check out their FindMyPast Friday’s  – Yorkshire records, POW records, Australian records, Irish records, and US Billion Graves index.
  • EOGN posted about new records and maps from The Check out more here.
  • New FamilySearch records! Check out the list here – includes records from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Italy, South Africa and the US.
  • I posted on Facebook about new Indiana records from the Indiana Genealogical Society. EOGN also posted information and you can check it out here.
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Book Review and Give-Away: Dear Mother, Love Daddy


National Archives’ Online Public Access (OPA)


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