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  • CASTING CALL FOR GENEALOGY ROADSHOW! Interested on being on the next season of the show? Go here for more information and a casting application!
  • Judy Russell’s The Legal Genealogist is probably one of my favorite genealogy blogs. This past week after RootsTech she cleared up the issues of what a lecturer has copyrighted and what a participant is cannot do with the material (like copying the syllabus for others and taking recordings/video of the presentation). A must-read for any conference participant!
  • Judy Russell also goes into credit and copyright – which is something people often think are the same. This blog post clears up the misconception!
  • A 178 year old family Bible made it’s way back to the family after many years. I love stories like this one!
  • I’m sure some of you have heard of A.J. Jacobs and his Global Family Reunion event. Here’s an article about how he decided to do this project.
  • Ever thought about writing your own history? The New York Public Library gives 20 reasons why you should!
  • Want to take a trip to Fort Wayne’s Allen County Library? The National Genealogical Society is hosting a trip! Check out here for more information!


  • History Lines was one of the contestants for the RootsTech Innovator Challenge. They made it all the way to the semifinalists to compete with eight other groups in the final round. They sadly didn’t make it to the top four, but I personally really liked their program. Check out their website for a beta version and this video to learn more about them.
  • The winner of RootsTech’s Innovator Challenge is StoryWorth! Dick Eastman posted more information about the group found here.


  • There is still time to register for Researching Ancestors in the Era of Freedom presented by Angela Walton-Raji! This is a free webinar from Legacy Family Tree Webinars and this lecture is about the Civil War years and what records you can find for that time. It starts today at 2pm EST!
  • PBS’s Genealogy Roadshow’s latest episode took place in Philadelphia. Check out the video here.
  • Five Minute Friday from Ancestry – Find the Parents – This video works on trying to find parents in about five minutes!
  • If you missed some of RootsTech’s streaming videos, there are a few that were archived and are free to view! Check them out here.
  • Are you Italian? Have you heard of the PBS show Italian Americans? The episodes can be found here!

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