Genealogy News: March 7 – 13

Genealogy News March 7-13

Anyone watch the new season of Who Do You think You Are? And did you enter the sweepstakes too? This is one of those times when I wish I had cable… If I only could ask for just this channel for just this show!



  • Dick Eastman’s newsletter (EOGN) recently posted about the Colorado Springs death register index, which is now available online. See more information in his article here.
  • Heritage Quest has gone through some changes recently. One of those changes is that they now have data from I’ve heard mixed opinions about this change but to read more about this, check out the EOGN article about it here.
  • More records added to FamilySearch! Check out the EOGN article that lists them here.
  • Looking for ancestors who may have been institutionalized? Those records are never easy to obtain but Upfront with NGS posted some ideas in how to get them.
  • Upfront with NGS also posted “FREE Resources for Online Digitized Genealogy and Family History Books.”


  • The NGS publication Genealogy and the Law by Kay Haviland Freilich and William B. Freilich is now available for the Kindle! Speaking of that, Dear Myrtle also hosts a study group for this book if you’re interested.

Interesting Articles

  • Have you heard of the Global Family Reunion Festival by A.J. Jacobs? Well you can now buy a ticket by participating in their fundraiser on Indiegogo! Check it out for the videos at least!
  • Clue Wagon recently posted about why your DNA tests aren’t as accurate as you may think. Check out her blog post for more information! And just check out her blog in general. She’s hilarious!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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