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  • Just in time for April Fools! Did you see this awesome new app for the iPhone? Lick it DNA! HA! Check it out here. If only!
  • The posted a chart from 1790 that discusses the dangers of drink. Interesting to read how alcohol was thought of back then!
  • Retronaut is one of my favorite websites because of it’s collection of old photos. They recently posted pictures from 1928 England in color! Check them out those photos here and more about Retronaut here.
  • Are you Polish? Was your parent, grandparent, or even great-grandparent Polish? You may be eligible for Polish citizenship! Check out more information here and here. (I am going to try and do this for my husband! How neat!)


  • Ancestry announced a new edition to their DNA – “New Ancestor Discoveries.” The link takes you to an Ancestry video on YouTube (about 7 min long). HOWEVER, Roberta Estes from DNAeXplained shared how wrong her supposed ancestor was. If you’ve taken the Ancestry DNA test, you’ll get an announcement about it and I feel it’s very important to know how these new “ancestors” may not be yours after all.
  • New FamilySearch records! EOGN posted that 5.8 Million index records and images for Australia, Canada, Hungary, Russia, South Africa, and the US were added and then FamilySearch added another 18.3 million indexed records and images for England, Italy, UK, and the US as well. Check them out 🙂
  • FindMyPast also added a number of new records. You can check out the EOGN article here and here (Civil War Pensions included!) that discusses what’s new.
  • Looking for more storage space for your computer files? EOGN posted “Super Cheap Storage Space in the Cloud for Your Files” that discusses Amazon’s Cloud Drive Service.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 🙂

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