New Volunteer Adventures and St. Joseph County Genealogy Events

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Doesn’t that look exciting! These amazing letters were found in the basement of the Mishawaka Library. The librarian in charge of the genealogy/history section sent me a message about volunteering with these as well as other items she recently pulled up from the basement. Today I dug in. It’s uncertain who donated the letters but they were all written by one man writing to his wife from 1943-1945. I believe he wrote nearly every day (as you can tell by the stacks of letters!) and every letter started with Darling (I find that sweet!) I can’t wait to get more into these letters and see what they have in them.


If you’re in or near the St. Joseph County, Indiana area, here are the genealogical events happening this week!

  • 24 November 2014 – Monday – 7-8:30pm – South Bend Area Genealogical Society meeting at Sunnyside Presbyterian Chuch (115 S. Frances St. South Bend, IN 46617) – the meeting will have a presentation titled “A Tale of Two Colonels” by John Hundley, a member of Sons of the American Revolution.
  • 25 November 2014 – Tuesday – 7-8:30pm – Twigs from the Tree of Life meeting at Christ the King Lutheran Church (17195 Cleveland Rd, South Bend, IN) – the meeting is titled “Online Educational Resources for Every Genealogist” and will be presented by me 🙂 It will be about online tutorials, lessons, classes, courses, lessons, institutes, and conferences that can be taken or registered for online.


If you are in the area, come join our groups!

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  1. How I envy you being able to read all those letters. I guess I have a bit of a snoop in me. Have fun, I hope they tell a great story.

    • NikiMarie

      So far they are pretty entertaining. He wrote nearly every day and sometimes twice a day. I started filing them today and got through 1943 (which started in Sept) and through March of 1944. Once he ships out, it’ll be interesting to see what happens!

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