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This weekend we had a family get together because of the holiday. I don’t normally take advantage of family holidays to check items off of my genealogy checklist because it tends to be quite noisy and food driven. However, this time I did for a few reasons.

1) I had asked my grandmother if I could borrow her old VHS family videos to make DVDs for her (and me). She was excited as she wanted that done for a while so I happily got some old VHS that I can convert at my local library:


2) I had found some neat information on my maternal line (so my grandmother’s line) that I shared with her while she was here. Everyone in the living room got quiet and then all came over to see new pictures I found. That surprised me! I knew both my grandparents were interested in what I find on their families but I didn’t know everyone else would be too. That started a great conversation with my cousin too. I’m excited that so many people can’t wait to hear what I find out next!

3) I finally asked for my grandparents DNA! Or well, if they would take a test for me. They both said yes and my grandmother chuckled and said “No one has ever asked for my spit before.” Ha! I had asked if they had a preference for a spit test or a cheek swab test, and they didn’t care either way, but I am going with FTDNA instead of 23andme because of what it can offer.


I do try to remember to ask my grandparents questions because they are still here. I hadn’t realized that so many others of my family would also be interested in their answers so I think from now on, I’ll start up conversations with the whole family there as well. It could bring up some fun side stories too.


I wanted to share this as a reminder to those out there that still have older relatives who you can ask family questions. Do it! You may be surprised at what you can find out 🙂


Happy hunting!

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  1. Ann

    Congrats on such a successful weekend!

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