Travel Tuesday: Berlin Postcard and Berchtesgaden Salt Mines

Postcard from Fae and Ken Almy to Glenn and Erma Witherell

Postcard from Fae and Ken Almy to Glenn and Erma Witherell – unknown year

back of Berlin postcard

back of Berlin postcard

Finally got to Berlin. It is a wonderful city but some of the things like the wall and evidence of war damage seem nearly unbelievable. Taking many pictures and enjoying living it up. 

Love, Fae + Ken

1969 trip to Germany

1969 trip to Germany


My family is on the last platform. Starting from the woman sitting at the front of that platform who is my Aunt Fae, then Ken, Erma, Glenn, and Arlene followed by three unknown people. My parents have a similar picture of them doing this when they lived in Germany in the late 70’s. One day, I want to go and get a similar picture (if they are still doing them) just so I can have all three. 🙂

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Amanuensis Monday: 27-31 July 1946


Amanuensis Monday: August 1-8 1946


  1. loving it! I have a picture from the saltmines just like the one above from one of our school trips. I bet they still make them today 😉

    • NikiMarie

      I hope so! I want to get a copy of my parents and then I’d have three generations of them. 🙂

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