I no longer live close to my hometown where many of my ancestors lived and died. Well, close I suppose is a relative term but it’s not a trip I could make comfortably in one day. I use what I can online and then I have a list I continuously make for what I need to get the next time I am up there.

However, that mainly means just my hometown county, which isn’t the only place where my ancestors lived. Most of my maternal line comes from Tuscola County, not Saginaw County, in Michigan. That list is long and I have yet to get anything from there because when I am in Saginaw, I tend to work on Saginaw records.

SeekingMichigan.org is a site I’ve discussed once before and you may have noticed I get a lot of my death records from that site. Well today I heard some wonderfully happy news! The death records have been expanded! They now have records from 1921-1939 that are fully imaged and indexes from 1940-1952 are to be added soon as well.

So, can this help me to solve some family mysteries? Maybe, but at the very least this will give some wonderful clues on that side of the family!

Here’s some of the new information I got today. My 3rd great-grandmother is Rachel Henderson. I wasn’t positive on her maiden name but I at least knew when she died, 1927, as well as as some other identifying information from census records and the like. She was 7 years out of reach on Seekingmichigan.org until now and I am happy to report, her death certificate is there with enough identifying information to confirm this is my Rachel:

Rachel Henderson

Here we have Rachel Henderson. Her death date matches what I knew, her husband’s name is the name I had, she lived in the right location, and her daughter, Mary (Henderson) Lyons, is the informant. So I’d say that’s a pretty good match for my Rachel! And did you see what else was there? Her parents names!

Now I have MORE to research! I don’t know any genealogist who wouldn’t love that!

Enjoy and happy hunting everyone!

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