COMING SOON From Colorado!

My family jokes about my wanderlust, and it is true that I move often. First it was to Florida, then to Indiana. And while in Indiana, we still managed to move every year to a new apartment building until we finally bought a house. Technically, I’ve moved every year from 2001-2012. I’ve now been in the same place for the last 3.5 years and I’ll admit, I could use a change of scenery!

So we are  heading west to beautiful Colorado!

My aunt has lived there my entire life and I’ve wanted to move there since we visited when I was a kid, and now, we’re making it a reality!

Copper Leaf Genealogy will remain the same except that the location will now be from Colorado. Also, as this change is occurring, I will still respond to emails, questions, requests, etc., but doing on-site research won’t be an option until July (non on-site required research is still an option). As we do still have family in Indiana, I will be back here for visits and research, which will be announced in my emailed newsletters.

This is one reason why I had the delay in my Friday posting last week! Packing! It’s not my favorite thing. Despite all that moving, it’s something I tend to wait to do until the last minute. We move Monday and I do need to get a move on…

Anyone want to help me pack?! 🙂


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