184 Feb 15 1945

15 Feb 1945

Thursday 15 Feb 1945

Went to school. Didn’t take gym. Had an assembly gave out letters. I didn’t get one. Worked after school. Didn’t go to volleyball. Came home study my Science. Burrow Buds record the songs are “I Dream of You” + “Saturday is the Loneliest Night” Listened to the radio. Got a note from Tonkin. Wrote her back. Am going to give her mittens back. Put up my hair. 

16 Feb 1945

16 Feb 1945

Friday 16 Feb 1945

Went to school. Worked after school in 116. Got a at 4:00. Read my new book “Silver Chief.” Went to Dick + Betty’s took care of the kids while they we to the hosipily with mom. Came home + put up my hair. And read for awhile.

17 Feb 1945

17 Feb 1945

Saturday 17 Feb 1945

No school. Got up at 10:00. Read most of the morning. Went over town + got Mary Jean’s birthday present. Then went to the hosipily with mom. Went to Mary Jean’s birthday party from 6:00 to 10:00. Had a wonderful time. Missed Uncle Dick + Aunt Anna. They were up for a little while. 

18 Feb 1945

18 Feb 1945

Sunday 18 Feb 1945

Went to Sunday school. Went to the show at the “Michigan” + saw “Gyspy Wildcat” with Jon HallMaria Montez. also Irish Eyes Were Smiling with Dick Haynes. Came home listened to the radio programs. then put up my hair and went to bed.

My Response

It sounds like Tonkin and Grandma had a fight. The note and response with giving back Tonkin’s mittens seems like it anyway. After all, why wouldn’t they have just called or stopped over each other’s house? It really seems like teenage girls are the same in every generation!

The Saturday entry is also the first mention of aunt’s and uncle’s from Grandma. I know there were lots of them – her mom was one of seven as is her dad. I had wondered about her aunts and uncles with her dad in the hospital as well. I do hope that in future entries he’ll come home and maybe Grandma will say why he went into the hospital in the first place!

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