Amanuensis Monday: Diary March 11-15 1945

*I didn’t miss a day, in case you’re curious. I’ve just decided to fix them since my grandmother wrote on the space for February 29 (when there wasn’t one in 1945) and is now a date behind. In her journal, the dates are a day behind but I’ve corrected them on here. 

10 March 1945

11 March 1945


Sunday 11 March 1945

Went to sunday school. Went to the Court + saw “Christmas Hollday” with Gene Kelly, Diana Durbin + Dean Harens. Cryed. + Roy Rogers. Went to the Drugstore with Pat + Frankie. Walked to the bus stop with Hine. Put up my hair. 


11 March 1945

12 March 1945

Monday 12 March 1945

Went to school. Martin wasn’t there today. Tonkin’s team lost that mean we play Chadwicks. I didn’t work in the office or after school. Went bike riding with Pat, Cheese, Hines, Cartwright, + Berlinger. After supper I went with Hines, Frankie, Tonkin + Marlene. Listened to the radio

12 March 1945

13 March 1945

Tuesday 13 March 1945

Went to school. Little behind on my diary. Don’t remember what I did. I worked in the office + after school. Got a long distance call from Gene. He’s in New Jersey + will be home Friday. Went bike riding.


14 March 1945

14 March 1945

Wednesday 14 March 1945

Went to school. Worked in the office + after school. Went bike riding. Martin doesn’t talk to me very much. Had an assembly. 2nd hour class have their plays. Put up my hair.


15 March 1945

15 March 1945

Thursday 15 March 1945

Went to school. Gave my report in SS. Worked in the office + after school. Went to the store. Went bike riding by myself. Went over to Buds. Got in a hair fight with Bob Hugist. I could start liking that guy again if it wasn’t for Tillie + Marlene. Came home + put up my hair.


*This ends the consecutive diary entries for 1945. There are a few more that I will post but the dates are scattered through the year. 


My comments: I have NO idea what she means by a hair fight – a fight about hair styles? It sounds like it wasn’t serious if she said she could like him again. I do like that she’s loyal to her friends though and won’t pursue her crush because of her friends. 🙂


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