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056 jan 10 1945

Jan 10 1945

Wednesday Jan 10 1945

Went to school. Got a few more pictures of Van Johnson. Went to the basketball game at Webber. Juniors won 24 to 20 Cencors lost 16 to 12. Had a lot of fun tonight, home on the bus. Got home at 6:30. Got a box from Gene with German helmet + a parachute money bullets + a kerchief. Dad went to the hospital again. Went to see him for about 20 minutes. Put up my hair. Got out some movie stars am going to trade them off for Van.

057 jan 11 1945

Jan 11 1945

Thursday Jan 11 1945

Went to school. Got a movie book after school. Gave Jackie 15¢ to get me one. Came home + did my English + study my science going to be a test tomorrow. Went to the show with Frankie and saw “A Girl in the Case” and “Cry Havor.” It was a wonderful show. Put up my hair + ate a hot dog. Tonkin called me up. The kids at school are going to get me picture of Van Johnson. They’re swell kids. Got a letter from Gene. 

My response:

I try to keep the text as is when I transcribe but sometimes I’m not sure I even understand it. I think the Cencors means seniors but when I looked up the two movies, I found nothing. So I’m pretty sure I am either reading them wrong or my grandmother spelled those two wrong. There is also the possibility that they weren’t movies but something like a local play performance. I’m not sure.

I recently went home and looked at old year books to see if I could find my grandmother. I had been under the impression that at 15, she was in high school, like I had been. This was not the case! I forgot that at that time, high school was 10-12th grade and she was still at the middle school or junior high. I couldn’t find her yearbook for that year sadly but did find her in high school the next year.

I found it very interesting what Gene sent to her as well! Seems odd, but really, there was a war going on. I’m sure these things were more readily available to him then other things. It also sounds like her dad was experiencing some health problems. He was about 54 at this time and I really don’t know much about his health from that time, just his end really (which doesn’t happen for another 20 years at this point).

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