Amanuensis Monday: Jan 16-17 1945

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Tuesday Jan 16 1945 Went to school. Had an assembly. Had a test in English and math. Wrote 26.9 word a minute with 2 errors. Bought a new movie book. Did my science report. Went to the show with Frankie and saw “Blackmail” and “See Here Private Hargo.” With Bob Walker. Coming home from the show we started flirting with two boys. Until I found out one was Miki Sulvain. Boy did my face get red


Wednesday Jan 17 1945

Went to school. Did some typing for Miss Sturgthers. Went to the basketball game. We play against South. Juniors score was 37 to 14. Seners was 41 to 25. We lost to the games. Went to the hospital to see dad. He was supposed to have 3 blood transfusions. Ned maybe home by next week and Gene in two weeks. Betty’s going to leave tomorrow. 

My response:

I would love to know who Miki Sullivan was and why Grandma was so embarrassed. I have looked for an old North Junior High School yearbook (same middle school I went to!) but I haven’t found one that is for the 1945 school year. I’m still hopeful! I also find it interesting about her dad. With the blood transfusions I wonder what could have been wrong. I asked my dad if he knew what his grandpa’s health was like but my dad said he was fine up until the mid-1960’s when he passed. There is a family rumor about a brain tumor but his death certificate states he died of heart disease (which came on suddenly) so if he had cancer, I don’t know what kind. I want to get his health records, but the Michigan archives said I’d have to get permission, which I think means my dad would have to get them since none of my grandmother’s siblings are still around. I hope a grandson will do but I don’t know. I want to know what kind of cancer he had in the end.

Side note: Any of you genealogists going to the National Genealogical Society Family History Conference in Richmond in May? This will be my first and I’m a bit nervous!

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  1. Medical records are often very deceiving.

    • NikiMarie

      How so? I haven’t gotten into them until now so I’m not sure what to expect.

      • On some – they have the direct cause, the varying causes, etc. They don’t all come right out and name a direct disease. Hopefully you will.

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