Jan 20 diary

Jan 20 diary

Saturday Jan 20 1945


Got up at 9:30. Did the dishes + swept off the front porch. Went over town with mom for about 5 min. Then went over to Jack + Margies. Mom went to the hospility I stayed home and played records. Got supper ready. Went to the show with Frankie at the court. Saw Roy Rogers + “When the Rain Came” with Tye Power, Myrna Loy, George Brent, + Brenda Joyce. It was a wonderful show. Had a hamburger. 

Sunday Jan 21 1945

Went to sunday school. Talked to Dr. Fisher. Played records all morning. Ate dinner. Went to the court with Frankie + saw “To Girls and a Sailer” with Van JohnsonJune Olseon is she + he ever darling. Met Hines at the show. Walked to the bus stop with her. Got the word to “Sweet Dreams Sweetheart.” Going to get the record. Ate hamburgers. Put up my hair. Listen to radio programs.

My response:

Surprisingly, the first time I think Grandma mentioned any kind of snow would be her brushing off her porch. I keep waiting to hear more about the winter of that time but that may just be because we are in the throes of one here!

All of these movie references make me really want to start watching some of these movies my grandmother loved. And I’m surprised by how MANY movies there are! I’m not a big theater goer so I don’t see new movies very often, but I don’t think they come out as quickly now as they did then. I wonder why that is.


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