Amanuensis Monday: Jan 22 and 23 1945


Monday Jan 22 1945

Went to school. Got our report cards. I’m on the honer and merit roll. I got Aud aa-aa-ba-aa Gen Science aa-cb-ba-ba English dc-cb-bb-cb Gym aa-ab-aa-aa Typing cb-ba-aa-aa Math ba-cb-ba-ba. Still got Brodged for Social Science. Dad had another transfusion. Got a letter from Ned. He’s got scarlet fever. He had to have two blood transfusions. Listen to Sup Theater. Put up my hair. Hope Ned gets better and comes home. Gene and Dad too.

Jan 23 1945

Jan 23 1945

Tuesday Jan 23 1945

Went to school. Frankie was sub in the office with me today. Blondie came to our school. She stayed in our sixth hour class. “Importance of Being Young” practice at noon. I was told they were awful. Miss McKege got mad and threw the book down. Got to give the play next Friday. Went to the store with mom. Stayed home got movie star address and listen to the radio. Mom went to the hospital. Got a box of 24 hearsey[Hershey] bar candy*.

*Thank you to Genealogy Lady for figuring this out! I couldn’t put the box of 24 hearsey together with what was written underneath it. 🙂

My response:

Her grades are a bit weird. I only got one letter grade per item in middle school. I wonder what it all meant…

And wow, scarlet fever? To be honest, I had thought that was completely wiped out and something from “olden” days. But then I had a student come down with it a few years back. I was floored. And a little nervous. It comes with strep throat which I tended to get quite often as a child. I suppose I just read too much. I know it can be easily treated with antibiotics so maybe that’s why I only hear of it as something deadly from back in the day stories. Either way, wow! I can imagine that Grandma was worried although she doesn’t show it in her diary. Her dad has been in the hospital for nearly a month at this point and now her brother is sick AND overseas! That would be stressful.

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  1. I think she is writing “got a box if 24 hearsey [hersey] candy”

    • And both my kids had scarlet fever. I kept thinking of poor Beth from Little Women who was weakened by the disease. The antibiotics cleared it up so quickly.

    • I also just double checked and the word bar is in there…24 bar Hersey candy.

      • NikiMarie

        Thank you! I do believe you are correct; 24 bar hersey candy! 🙂 I forgot about Little Women with scarlet fever! That may be another reason why I had such a morbid idea of what it is. Thanks again 🙂

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