Amanuensis Monday: Jan 28-29 1945

132 Jan 28 1945

28 Jan 1945: Sunday

Went to sunday school. Had a chicken dinner. Went to the Court with Franki. Saw “Star on Parade” with Larry Parks & “White Cliffs of Dover,” with Ireane Dunne & Alan Marshall. Jack & Marge came over. Ned, Mom & Marge went to the hosipily. I stayed home with Grant and Marion. Jack did too. Took a bath & put up my hair. Listen to the radio.

133 Jan 29 1945

29 Jan 1945 Monday

Went to school. Got our Aud tickets. Went to the hosipily after school. Got 20 postcards. Wrote to the movie stars. Went to the library & then to the drugstore & got 10 more postcards. Dick & Betty came over & went to the hospility. I stayed home & listedn Linx & the Gold Theater. Put up my hair. I’m going to go to bed & probly eat something first. 

My Response:

With everyone coming to see Ollie (Grandma’s dad) in the hospital, I wonder if it’s getting more serious. I know he makes it but I’m not quite sure what was wrong at this time. He’s been in the hospital for about a month now so I’m wondering if that’s why everyone is making sure to see him.

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  1. You have a typo in the first section. Jack & Marge “came cover” should be “came over.” Feel free to delete this afterwards. 🙂 I have my dad proof read my posts and it is amazing how many things he catches.

    • NikiMarie

      Ha! Thank you! I normally reread the post several times looking for things like that. It would be helpful to have someone else review them too apparently!

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