Those Places Thursday: Detroit Zoo

One of my favorite collages at my parent’s house is one my mom has of the Detroit Zoo over the years. Like many kids, we always loved going to the zoo. Our city had it’s own zoo but going to the Detroit Zoo was an adventure! I don’t remember any of it of course, but I love these pictures from over the years.

1960's - my mom, her sister, and neighborhood friends

1960’s – my mom (far left), my aunt (in the middle, back), and neighborhood friends


1970's - my parents

1970’s – my parents


1980's - my mom and us three kids

1980’s – my mom and us three kids


2012/13 My parents with my brother and his family

2012/13 My parents with my brother and his family


I love that these pictures have been taken at the same place over the years! My nephews LOVE the zoo and I’ve gone with them before too. They are great tour guides 🙂 My views on zoos are a bit different than they used to be but the Detroit Zoo is quite impressive.


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  1. It looks like you grew up in a very happy family!

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